Day 15: Coffee, castles and (silent) criticism


Today’s entry is a quick little one as it was largely spent in transit. I’m devo to say goodbye to S-LOVEnia. We decided to make a day trip out of it with My Day Trip and so when our delightful driver picked us up we could tell it was going to be a good journey.

Aside from a short detour because there was a goat on the motorway (seriously visit Slovenia), the ride was smooth sailing.

Unfortunately, I had woken up that morning feeling super sluggish and drowsy. I thought a good thing to do would be to have two coffees and a sugar free Redbull as we made our way to our first stop.

Sure enough, when we reached Predjama Castle, I was feeling moderately human. It’s worth noting that I didn’t look at all human. I looked like a giant strawberry. 

Predjama castle-2
Well, what would you wear to a castle..?!

In my mind, when I get dressed each day I look quirky and possibly even co-ordinated, but you’d (probably not) be surprised how many funny looks I got for my clothing choices in Eastern Europe. No one ever says anything, they just give me looks. Looks that transcend the language barrier. But I hold my head up high.

Cat Predjama Castle
Feline representation of the looks I’ve been getting from people (pls note all this caffeine sort of warps your brain)

The castle was nice from the outside, but we didn’t go in. Instead, we went to the cafe where I got coffee number three. I couldn’t finish coffee number three because my nose started bleeding. God knows how high my blood pressure was at this point; I’ve never before had four caffeinated drinks in one morning. I subsequently was sat at a castle cafe as a giant bleeding red faced, red nosed strawberry disrupting a group of Russian bikies’ morning pint. To be fair, the look they gave me was mildly amused, which was a step up from severely affronted (like everyone else). 

Bear Predjama Castle
The Russian bikies gave me a look similar to this bear

We left.

Just like that, we drove through the border into Italy. I think it’s amazing that in Europe you can wake up in Slovenia and go to sleep in Italy. 

We passed through Trieste, where the bodies of hundreds of olive skinned Italians lay sunning themselves topless beside the water. It really felt like a summer holiday in this town. We had another brief lunch stop at Miramare castle and it was gorgeous. I had my first authentic Italian dish of the trip (lasagne) which was delicious.

Miramare Castle
Miramare Castle

After a couple more hours we made it into Venezia. We were staying in a super cute BnB in Mestre which was close to the train station. I recommend this area if ever you choose to visit Venice. It’s a lot cheaper, and it’s only one stop on the train (one euro ticket) to get you onto the island.

Mestre Venezia
Well if I didn’t know I was in Italy, now I do. Not pictured: gelato and pizza shops

We spent the evening exploring the area. It’s lovely and multicultural. We completed the day’s eats with pizza. 


Tomorrow, we visit Venice to spend our only whole day in Italy. 

Ciao for now,

Haddy x

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