Day 11: Plitvice – yeah look, it’s nice

Hello everyone. 

I hope this post finds you exceedingly well today and that you’ve managed to carpe diem, find $50 on the pavement, and reconnect with a lost love. 

I hope the sun is shining wherever you may be and all the national parks you visited today held up to the standards set by the sharpen tool and Lo-Fi filter on the various travel Instagrams you peruse and haven’t left you miffed.

I completely sincerely wish this for you.

Yay, blog post done. Please like and share #mustboosttraffic.

Haddy x

Ok, well as much as I would like to appear mildly indignant that you may think I’m possibly not being completely sincere with my well wishes and that I’m potentially trying to butter you up before I drop an unpopular opinion… You’d be right to have your reservations regarding my integrity.

So with that out of the way.

Do I just say it, or do you want to be more buttery? Mmmm butter. 

I don’t want to be too greasy, so I’ll utilise the good old fashioned compliment sandwich method of breaking bad news. Here goes:

I like you and value your readership (#mustboosttraffic).

Plitvice wasn’t that mind blowingly stunning as it was hyped up to be.

You’re popular and attractive.

There, I said it. All done. 

Everything’s fine!

Alright, I’ll attempt to justify my words before I lose friends. 

Today, we made the trek from Zadar to Plitvice which took a few hours. I had my trusty Jana vitamin water with me for the ride (this post is not endorsed by Jana FYI, but hey Jana if you’re reading this, I’m really doing things for your brand. Call me.)

There’s one for every life event! I can’t wait to try Jana Vitamin Gained5kgFromPastries, and Jana VitaminRegret

We checked into the most beautiful, quaint, family run hotel. There’s a real Bavarian feel to this area. Every building is made from wood, the ground is green and covered in conifers, and the tablecloths are checkered.

See, it’s really green!
Croatian kitchen plitvice
So quaint and qute! I promise all the other tablecloths are checkered

We got our tickets and took a cute little bus up the winding mountain, catching glimpses of a turquoise lake snuggled next to its dense blanket of foliage. I was eagerly anticipating what it would be like once we made it to the UNESCO listed park. Those brief peep shows set the scene for what I thought would take my breath away with its beauty. But… I was still full of breath when I saw it.

I’ll show you the pictures, and you’ll call me mad.

Plitvice 2
She mad

Please note, like the hypocrite I am (I did heavily infer my integrity is intermittent at best), I made use of the sharpen and beautify tools to make them pop.

The reality of the situation was that the greens weren’t so green and the blues weren’t so blue. The only thing that Instagram correctly predicted in my humble opinion, was just how many tourists there were (yep me included). When you combine the masses (ft large Alsatian dogs and multiple prams – seriously what is wrong with people?!) with a slim, wooden board walk, the type you constantly need one eye looking down on to make sure you don’t lose a shoe, or twist your ankle, or fall off entirely; it equates to this pervasive mood of just having to be a little bit on edge. 

Plitvice swag
Me sauntering along in a rare moment of solitude and solid ground

Simply put, it was objectively magnificent, but for some reason I felt I couldn’t quite relax and take it all in. I also think that given I am so lucky to live in the most beautiful country in the world (Australia), it’s almost desensitised me somewhat to the beauty of nature. Not all the time.

But this time. 

I had recently taken a trip up to Far North Queensland, to the beautiful Atherton Tablelands. I thought the scenery in the area was similar (although obviously not identical), and lakes such as Lake Eacham, just as beautiful.

Lake Eacham
Lake Eacham, ruining my perspective on nature since April 2018

It was also really cold (yeah okay it was 16 degrees and I didn’t bring a jumper so I guess I am slightly at fault) and cloudy there, contrasting the mid 30’s and cloudless sky you get in FNQ, but anyway…

I sound awful. Maybe I just need to accept this is who I am.

More photos.

I did feel like the fresh air and 15km of walking did me good, after the very pastry based diet I had been existing on up until this point.

Once back into warm quaintville we were treated to the most amazing traditional Croatian wood fired BBQ cooked by a traditional soccer fired (up) Croatian man and watched the World Cup.

Croatian BBQ
“It’s the best sausage I’ve ever had!” Squealed my travelling companion whose name begins with E in delight.

I immediately fell in love with Hodur Magnusson so was semi devo when Iceland lost, but I can’t deny that experiencing a Croatian win in the middle of rural Croatia with everyone in the restaurant so stoked was a true experience.

I can’t believe tomorrow is my last day in this unique country. I’m writing my entries in retrospect so can tell you that tomorrow (aka right now) was awesome. 

I’ll tell you about it all in good time.

Haddy x

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